Composition on the theme “Evening”

The city streets quickly fell darkness. Lights were lit. People are rushing home from work. Children return from school, from the second shift. And someone is taken away from parents from circles, from dances, so that they do not go home alone in the dark.

Bad weather is coming. The sun sets in the clouds, raindrops begin to break. I too hastily return home. We were sitting with the guys in the yard, but it became cold. I go home, and the rooms are already quite dark. I turn on the computer and make myself tea. Well, of course, I go online, check the messages.

Parents are not at home yet. Sister after the university, too, somewhere stuck. Probably sitting at a friend’s house. After all, on the street the weather is not for a walk. I need to do my homework, but I do not want to. I want to distract myself from a gloomy evening.

But here all houses, in gathering. On the street, after all, it began to rain, dreary and protracted. He will knock on the windows, even when I go to bed. Bared branches of trees swing back and forth outside the window. Rare passers-by run through the street, in raincoats and with umbrellas. They are in a hurry to get under the roof.

But our home is cozy and warm, everywhere there is a light. From the kitchen delicious smells come: it’s my mother’s cooking. Soon they will call us for a delicious dinner: you’ll lick your fingers! The nurse is picking up her bag for tomorrow, at the lecture.

Dad sits in front of the TV and drinks coffee. We are talking with him. In parallel, I do my homework, I solve the examples, putting the notebook on the coffee table. Interestingly, I am not even distracted by conversation and television. On the contrary, lessons are made with greater willingness when there is a company. I am glad that this autumn evening I spend with my family, my own people, that everyone has gathered at home.

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Composition on the theme “Evening”