Composition of his small homeland

Every person has a very close and native place where he feels at ease and at ease. On the earth there is no such person who would not feel love for the small Motherland, as everyone should have a pier where you can stop and rest from worries and problems for a while. I also have my own place where I can safely spend my free time and not think about different things and problems.

In the village my grandmother also has that secret place where I can even breathe easily. I like to come here sometimes, and I am alone here, because then you can think about the most secret dreams. And how good it is on the river in the summer! The sun is shining, the birds are singing…. All this is my small homeland, which I can not take away from anyone. The evening comes, and all nature begins to play with very different colors, which are very pleasing to the eye. In the valley beyond the river, there is a large meadow, where the storks wander carelessly, who, like me, believe that this is their

native place. The night goes by imperceptibly, and the huge sky begins to fill with the enchanting light of the stars, which very brightly burn and attract to themselves.

I also like to visit the village in winter, because at this time there is indescribable beauty. It’s nice to sit next to a warm stove and know that there’s a bitter frost and blizzard in the street… I always try to come to the country for my winter holidays and spend at least a couple of days here, since there are a lot of interesting activities: sledging and skiing, hockey with the local guys and just a walk through the fresh and frosty forest. Simply, when I am resting, I am recruiting new strengths, which are enough for me until the end of the school year, and I am ready again to comprehend all the sciences, without even becoming tired.

All of us, we must protect and love our little homeland, since we have one. It can be different: a small house in the village, its own street in the city, but all this is very dear to our heart. Sometimes, I can not visit my native places and then very much miss them. It happens that

they even dream of me in dreams.

I really treasure my own corner, which I was lucky to have. All my life, I will visit my native and favorite places, since I can not simply live and breathe without them. All people are simply obliged with special care and affection to treat these places and never forget about them, as doing this, we simply betray our little Motherland, who raised us and sent us to a great voyage, but she waits for us to return to our native land harbor. She will meet us.

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Composition of his small homeland