Composition “My native language is Russian”

Russia is a great country! How great is the language in which all the peoples who inhabit our vast homeland communicate! Famous Russian writer Ivan Sergeevich Turgenev in a poem in the prose “Russian language” not without reason called the Russian language great and mighty.

My native language is dear to me because it is on it that we first pronounce the warmest words – mother, father, school, friend, love, homeland.

My native Russian language is dear to me also because the first books that fell into my hands were written in the language of Pushkin and Gogol, Nekrasov and Turgenev, Tolstoy and Dostoevsky. These are the favorite “Fairy Tale of Tsar Saltan” and “The Night Before Christmas”, “Grandfather Mazai and the Hare” and “Mumu”, more serious and complex on the subject of “Crime and Punishment” and the four-volume novel-epic “War and Peace”. How can you not love the Russian language,

if after reading your favorite books you cry or laugh, you worry about the heroes who are in trouble, or are happy with the happy end to which your favorite fairy tales end. And you believe. You believe that in your life everything will be exactly as they write in your favorite books. They say that the native language is the language in which people think. I think in Russian, then he is my own. Native,

In the modern world, saturated with information technology, the Russian language is experiencing great changes and often not for the better. The language of SMS and short posts on social networks make our language too short and poor. And when a person writes such a miserable language, then he begins to think just as miserly and stingy. From thought to action, a step is called, which is the work of the human soul, directed toward good deeds.

But not without reason IS Turgenev wrote in a poem in the prose “Russian language” that such a great language is given to the great people. We, the descendants of the founders of the modern Russian language, are simply obliged to save all the power and charm of our language and to transfer it intact and safe to our descendants!

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Composition “My native language is Russian”