My composition “Native village”

I was born in the city, but my grandmother was born in the village. She often likes to remember her youth and her native village, and her grandfather grew up in a neighboring village. My dad was also born there, but when he was young, my grandmother and grandfather decided to move to the nearest town. They wanted to give their son a decent education. Grandfathers are no longer alive, but my grandmother sometimes talks about a cup of tea and begins to talk about life in her native village.

In general, at the time of my grandmother’s youth, everything was completely different, not as it is now. Even people were much kinder and more responsive. Of course, they did not have any different techniques, which now exist in many families. In addition, the villagers could not get many things, and there was no money. Urban residents were easier. But in the countryside the air is cleaner, and nature is more beautiful. Local residents were engaged in agriculture, at that time there were

still collective farms. Therefore, my grandmother knows almost everything, even a cow milk.

On weekends there were dances in the village. It is now all sorts of discos and parties, and my grandmother went to the dance. It was there that they met Grandpa. For a long time he accompanied his grandmother to the house, although he himself still had to get to his village in the dark. Grandmother likes to remember how their grandfather’s feelings were born and how he looked after her. It seems to me that in those days the feelings were more sincere, and people were honest.

Grandmother warmly remembers her native village. I would like to see the house in which she lived, and indeed the entire village, but he is no more. Gradually, people from the village began to move away where to and where even there are no old houses. It’s a pity that my grandmother’s native village is no longer there, and she sometimes gets sad in those places. There is no village, but my grandmother still says that this is her homeland, and not the city in which she has lived for many years. We urban residents do not understand the whole romance of rural life.

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My composition “Native village”