What is a small homeland

The homeland is Russia, but each of us has a place where he was born, where everything seems special, beautiful and native. Nothing on earth can be closer, milder than a small homeland.

Some have a big city, others have a small village, but all people love it the same way. We are growing up, we are growing up, but we will never forget our small homeland. Everyone should love their small homeland, know its history, remarkable people who were born and grew up here.

For me, my small homeland is a small village – Nikitinsky, where I live for 3 years, where my childhood passes.

Our village is a small, cozy place where there is a lot of beauty. Here all conditions for a quiet and carefree life are created, far from the bustle and problems of the city. Here people can relax and have a good time.

And everything started like this: a huge field of oats, birch copses, a soft autumn sun, generously flooding its rays all around, birds singing is all that the first

inhabitants and builders of the village saw and heard.

The village of Nikitinsky was founded in 1961, named after the engineer Nikitin, who compiled the construction plan.

The construction of both wooden houses and brick buildings began for various institutions: a school, a kindergarten, a polyclinic, a club, a library.

Beautiful and diverse local nature.

The village is surrounded by small birch groves and forests.

In the fields rye and wheat ripen, and in the forests grow berries, mushrooms and a variety of medicinal plants.

There are two artificial reservoirs, which are called local residents as ponds Nikitinsky and Tambov.

Our village is very beautiful in all seasons.

In the winter it looks like a fairy-tale country. Spring is especially beautiful when the blossom begins: cherry, bird cherry, apple and lilac. In summer the village is all green, and in the autumn everything is in gold.

Local people love their village and try to make it more comfortable and beautiful: they plant trees and flowers, build playgrounds, take part in subbotniks, protect and protect

nature. The streets are always clean. The development of the village does not stand still, it is constantly changing.

People here are very kind, friendly and sympathetic, which is the most important wealth of the village. It is their work that keeps the life of my small Motherland.

The holidays are just as cheerful and fun. All residents of the village: adults and children take part in sports competitions, gay competitions, quizzes. Everywhere you can hear the songs of local creative groups.

In 2011 the settlement turned 50 years old. All the people celebrated their birthday together.

And let in my village there are no monuments of architecture, there are no beautiful brick buildings, but he is dear to me because he became my small Homeland.

I love this village for not being like any other city.

I want it to be the purest, blooming, affable and cozy. But for this we must all love and cherish not only ourselves, but everything that surrounds us. And we, the younger generation, will try to do everything to make our village prosper and become better and better.

When I grow up, I will leave from here, but the best moments of my life connected with the village will forever remain in my memory.

I wish prosperity and prosperity to my village.

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What is a small homeland