The composition “Fishing”

The composition “Fishing”

Every summer, my family and I move to live in the village for several months. It’s a pity, of course, to leave the city, where all school friends remain, but I never ask you to leave me at home.

There is nothing more beautiful than village life! Wake up early in the morning, have breakfast with steamed milk with a piece of bread and run all the way to the river… And there, you see, Uncle Vadim is already fishing.

Come up quietly, stand behind and look. But no matter how carefully I tried to approach, Uncle Vadim always turned around and put his finger to his lips, saying: “Do not make noise, you’ll scare away all the fish.”

But I almost do not breathe. I look fascinated at the float, I’m waiting. I can stand like that for an hour,

maybe more. Uncle Vadim only turns around occasionally and smiles to himself in his beard. He knows that my patience will soon be rewarded.

“Kleu-e-et” – tearing from the chest, but I only tighten my lips more and watch, leaning forward, as Uncle Vadim easily and accurately makes a sweep, and then pulls to the shore another river beauty. Most of all I like it when it turns out to be some small fish, because then, it is usually given to me.

Do you think I’m taking her home and feeding her cat Vaska? Here’s another! On this occasion in my mother’s fridge there is a couple of canned food.

In fact, I hide my prize in the shelter. This is a place that no one knows about, my summer hut for games. Several years ago I brought here an old trough, which was to be taken to the city and thrown into the dump. There was a noise when they found the loss in the morning. Of course, I did not admit that I had hidden it, but no one would have believed that I could carry it away. But I could, because I really needed it. I learned to fish in it! All the fish given to me swam in this limited space, and I brought them worms every day so that they would not starve to death. I did not have a real fishing rod, but I made it myself, and, in my opinion, it turned out perfectly!

Every day I go to my mini-fishing in the hope of becoming a real fisherman, the same. as Uncle Vadim. Only this is a big secret!

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The composition “Fishing”