For what I love my land

Every person in life has people and things that he will never forget, wherever he is. Of course, these are parents and loved ones to all people, kisses and confession of love, the birth of a child and his first steps and the place where you were born. Wherever you may have brought life, but no one will ever forget their native places. Our homeland, our land – it’s another mother who gave us a difficult roof over her head, and whole spaces for dreams and cultivation.

For what you can love your land? Everyone has their own answer to this question. First of all, I love my country because it is mine. Maybe I did not choose her, but I do not regret that I was born here. More beautiful and colorful than nature is nowhere. And the air, which is fresh and full of herbs. I really love the changes of nature. This is a bright variety between winter and summer. And these New Year holidays with a thick layer of snow and slippery ice. A bright Christmas tree in the center of the city and a lot of fun. Only in my country such native places to me, polite people and even the sun shines brighter.

I do not know what awaits me in life, and where I will find my home, but I know for sure that I will never forget the place where I was born. A great boundless field, a densely green forest, a small blue tree. Beautiful birds singing in the morning and night lighting of street lamps. And how beautiful it smells in the spring. Bright colors of nature interspersed with sweet smells, with nothing incomparable pleasure. Still do not forget the bright yellow leaves that cover the earth in the fall. Even rainy days always end in a rainbow.

Love your land and always go home. This is the place where we are always welcome and glad to see where the soul is very warm and any problems are solved, where there are native people and pleasant memories. That’s why you should love your land, for its spirituality, and all the material you can earn.

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For what I love my land