How does the homeland begin?

When a person thinks about the Motherland, he remembers more often about his home, about the place where he was born. For me, the Motherland is first of all the mother and the city in which I live. And if a person is far away, then he remembers about his country. This is also the Motherland. Russia, the Motherland, the Motherland.

Each of us has a small homeland – the place where we were born, where our childhood passed. But there is also a great homeland – the country in which we live. The concepts of the big and small homeland are inseparable, because, according to JL Leonov, “great patriotism begins with the love of the small – to the place where you live.” A person can not live without a homeland. No wonder they say: there are different countries in the world, and the Motherland is only one.

Where does the homeland begin? Probably, for each Motherland begins with something of its own. Each has its own Motherland. This could be the place

where your childhood passed. This is family, family and friends. This is the mother, who is the most expensive person in the world. This mother’s hands are the embodiment of tenderness. These are our toys, fairy-tales, street, forest, clouds in the sky and much, much more, from which our first idea of ​​the Motherland, the world in which we live is formed. Over the years, our views have changed. But so that no matter what happens to us, two words remain the main ones: Mother and Motherland.

Where does the homeland begin? Not immediately people will answer this question. One can remember the sky in his native village, the street that goes into the distance; gray threads of rain on a cloudy day, a gentle stalk of a snowdrop, a land overgrown with soft grass or covered with fluffy snow. Another can imagine the southern sky, elegant cypresses, noble palm trees. The third one will name, for example, the Arkhangelsk region, where he was born. This is the land where Mikhail Lomonosov left on foot to go to the capital to glorify Russia. For Leo Tolstoy, the Motherland began with Yasnaya Polyana, without which he

could not imagine Russia.

Forever we will be dear to the place where we spent our childhood. It is in childhood that a person has a feeling of love for the Motherland. What do people think when they say “my homeland”? Probably not only about places and impressions related to childhood. The homeland is the vast expanses of our country: forests, fields, rivers, seas, minerals. These are the people who live in our country, and the language that sounds from childhood around. This is the culture of the people, its customs, traditions, which must be honored. Everything that once happened on our land, sorrows, woes, victories, achievements – all this is also our homeland. To think of the Motherland is to reflect on its past, about our present affairs, and to dream about the future.

The homeland is one. Each of us is dear to the corner on the ground where he grew up, where he became a man. Everyone, of us, remembers about his small homeland. Probably, the Motherland begins with it. From her love begins to a great Motherland, which we call patriotism.

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How does the homeland begin?