Love for the native land

The homeland is a very capacious concept in its content. It has a very deep and multifaceted meaning. And the first thing that the homeland for each person begins with is his family, that is, the most dear and close people. Then this concept expands to the entire surrounding world, and a person sees in the homeland primarily the nature of his land. In the end, our motherland was created by nature and ancestors. And it is nature that has stained everything with its landscapes and natural beauties.

Each of us has his favorite places, which we like from childhood, and with which the person has his memories and associations. But what can be more beautiful than those memories that have survived in man? Especially if they are pleasant memories, and all the more related to childhood.

So, first of all, the Motherland is those native paths along which a person went somewhere, familiar alleys, alleys, houses, parks, lakes and everything else – everyone has their own associations and memories. It is with this that love begins for the motherland – from the native places that are close to each person. Therefore the Motherland itself is not separable from nature and from its beauties.

Further on, to this image, we add the respect that every person has before his ancestors who lived and worked on this earth, ennobling it in labor and defending on the battlefields. And every person should remember that the motherland and his homeland will always help him to gain physical and spiritual strength, whatever burdens he might experience in life. And it is erroneous to identify the homeland with the economic well-being of that state or the system in which we live. The concept of “Homeland” is a much more intimate and spiritual concept. And this image lives in the soul of every person.

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Love for the native land