Summary of “Maximka” Stanyukovich

Russian military steam clipper “Zabiyaka” quickly goes to the south. Sailors cleaned, washed, scrubbed and cleaned the deck: a military ship begins the day. Suddenly there was a loud, alarming cry from the sentry: “A man in the sea!”. All rushed to the deck and saw among the waves a fragment of the mast and a human figure on it. Then almost all the sails were removed and the boat with sixteen rowers went to save the man. Soon he returned and, together with people, was brought aboard. On the deck came out and rescued – a small Negro about ten or eleven years old, in a tattered shirt, exhausted. He was immediately taken to the infirmary. The doctor began to take care of him.

Then, with the help of the midshipman, who knew English. language, the team learned that the boy was a servant from the captain of the American ship “Betsy”. The owner beat him every day. And two nights ago the ship collided with another ship and went to the bottom.

Two days later the arapchin recovered and wanted to get up on deck, but he did not have any clothes.

Then an elderly sailor Ivan Luchkin appeared in the door of the infirmary. He brought an Arapchonka dress: “Wear it on your health, Maxim!” (Maksimka, because they saved on the day of Saint Maximus). Then Luchkin led him to the deck, introduced the sailors. Arachonka was received with full cordiality, invited to dinner with everyone. Luchkin tailored his shoes. He called to look at the artillery doctrine, which the boy liked very much. Attempts to teach a peanut to some Russian words.

So a month passed. Maxim could already somehow explain himself in Russian. He often amused the sailors with songs and dances. The voyage was nearing its end, but Luchkin, sensing the separation, was unhappy. The team also got used to Maksimka. The captain allowed to leave it on the ship. Soon, the Zabiyaka again sailed. Maksimka was given the name Zabiyakin. Three years later they returned to Kronstadt. Maksimka was sent to the school of medical assistant students. Luchkin retired to be near his pet.


“Zabiyaka” is sent to the southern shores. Everything happens as usual: the sailors wash and clean the deck. A loud cry is heard: “A man in the sea!”. Overboard is a human figure.

Immediately the boat with sixteen rowers rushed to save the sinking, removing all sails. A little boy, about ten years old and a Negroid race, was brought aboard. The clothes were torn on the child, and his body was emaciated from hunger. For the boy immediately took a doctor in the infirmary. I went through the process of recovery.

Soon it became known that a small Negro was serving on the American ship “Betsy”. The captain beat and mocked the boy. Two days ago the ship crashed and went to the bottom of the deep sea. Having recovered, the child wanted to climb the deck, but it turned out that he had nothing to put on.

The sailor Ivan Luchkin found the baby’s dress and brought it to wear it. He began to call the boy Maxim, because on the day of Saint Maximus, the Arapchon was rescued. A healthy and dressed young sailor appeared before the sailors. The boys received him cordially and cordially and invited him to dinner together. Luchkin enthusiastically began to teach Maximka the Russian language and did everything in his power.

A month later, the works of the sailor Ivan showed the first results, and Maksimka began to express his thoughts in Russian. Often in his spare time, the boy entertained the sailors with his cheerful songs and dances. But soon the ship was to arrive at its destination. Luchkin understood that the parting with Maximka was already close and was in a frustrated state. Everyone on the ship loved the boy and did not want to let him go. On the shore, through some disputes and proceedings, the boy was nevertheless allowed to stay under the command of the captain of the “Bully” and subsequently the child was given a surname similar to the name of the ship – Zabiyakin. All together the sailors set sail again.

A few years later Ivan returned to Kronstadt and gave the boy to the school of medical assistant students. Himself, at the end of time, resigned, and was always next to Maxim, caring for him, becoming for him a best friend and mentor.

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Summary of “Maximka” Stanyukovich