Composition is my leisure time

Almost every person needs a little time for rest and to do their favorite things. Hobbies and leisure are ideal for this. Unfortunately, I do not have much free time during the week, but when I have, I try to spend it as useful as possible. My hobbies: tennis and swimming.

Twice a week I go to the nearest indoor pool. In the summer, I can swim with friends in the lake, although the water in it is pretty cool. As for tennis, I have been attending regular training since seven years. I have a talented coach who says that I can achieve success in tennis when I grow up. I especially like to practice on the open court.

One of my friends also likes tennis, so he joined me a year ago. In addition, when I have free time, I invite my friends to visit. We can play board games or eat pizza together. I am always glad for their arrival. On Friday night, my parents take me and my little sister to a restaurant. Last week, for example, we were at a Chinese restaurant, where we ate noodles and cookies with predictions. On weekends we visit our relatives and spend time with them. My uncle has two sons with whom I play various games. My aunt has a three-year-old daughter, whom we sometimes look after. Somehow my leisure depends on the time of the year.

For example, in the summer I like to visit city museums and galleries. When we go to the sea, of course, I spend most of the time swimming and playing beach basketball. In winter I prefer to go sledging or skiing with my classmates. From time to time, I go with my father and uncle to go fishing. This is another of my favorite forms of leisure. In general, I want to say that people should have leisure. Otherwise, life would be boring.

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Composition is my leisure time