My Edge of composition

Native land is the country where you were born, grew up and lived your life. The warmest memories, funny stories, joyful events are tied with him. More generous and more beautiful places simply do not exist all over the world. My native land is the most wonderful, beloved and beautiful. I always want to live in it. And although life is completely unpredictable and it is not clear where I can be brought, but my native places will remain in my memory forever.

Most of all in my native land I like the beauty of nature. Its volatility and unpredictability. I really like to watch the fall in the fall, and how his drops beat into the window. I also like to walk in the park on the ground, lined with autumn yellow leaves, which are poured in gold in the sun. Or how not to like the smell and flowering of spring. The first warm rays of the sun, the singing of birds, the flowering of trees. And how warm the soul warmth of a summer day or, with what impatience we wait for the first snow and New Year’s holidays. Decoration of the house, elegant Christmas tree, songs, fun and joy.

It is for such simple, it would seem, trifles, I really love my country and my native land. His traditions and rituals, holidays and events, important days, all this is already a part of me and everyone who was born here. Native land is an indispensable place in the life of every person.

My land is a place dear to my soul, where it is always good for my heart. And if your region is a place like a village, then describe this place and if the city then the sights

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My Edge of composition