Composition “Feeling of the Motherland”

Why is it so often that the motherland is identified with the mother, the most dear person in the world? Probably not by accident. Even the root of the word “motherland” – “giving birth” is connected with mother. The mother gave birth to you as a man. The native land gave birth to you as a citizen.

A person receives life, mother and homeland at birth. So strange and so simple. After all, this is all that a person needs to realize happiness. We can say anything about Russia: scold it, compare it with other countries. But it is in words. And the heart can not be fooled. We sincerely love our country, our great power and are proud of it. The motherland is not just a huge country in which we live. This is all that we love and appreciate, what we miss when we leave far. A native house, a river by the forest, grandmothers on the bank, relatives, crumbled fences of neighboring houses.

Ask a hundred people what their homeland is for them. They will

list a lot, trying to name something original. But everyone will agree that this is a home and close people. These are childhood memories: winter towns, a snowman, frozen mittens and happy faces of friends around. And at home waiting for hot pies and “Good night, kids!”

The feeling of love for the homeland, grasping sadness on it is more acutely perceived in moments of bitter and terrible and when you are far from it. There are many beautiful places on earth, but wherever you are, whatever you do, you stay home at home. As a tree, a person grows roots to his land. Torn off from it, it loses the strength and joy of life.

And yet the motherland is not just the land where you were born. This is the place to which the person has become attached, of which he considers himself a part. Homeland is a place where you feel calm, happy. Where you are always expected and loved.

About the motherland written songs and stories. And how many beautiful poems are dedicated to their native country!

To love your homeland means to take care of her, to cherish her heritage. To love means to live for our

homeland, in order that there be no war, that our children grow up in a flourishing state, so that their eyes shine with happiness.

But patriotism must be educated from childhood.

From kindergarten and from school. It’s very simple and natural. Read poems about their homeland, draw a Russian flag, write essays.

But true patriotism can teach the child only by example. So let’s appreciate your home, your land and your country for the fact that we were lucky enough to be born on it

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Composition “Feeling of the Motherland”