My native land Belarus composition

I live in a green and beautiful country. It is called Belarus. Her unusual name speaks about the purity of these places and about unusual landscapes. They breathe peace, spaciousness and kindness. And this makes you want to do something, enjoy life and admire nature.

There are a lot of rivers and lakes in my country. They gently splash in the summer. In the spring, their voiced murmurs are heard. In winter, the mirror smoothness attracts fans of skating. In autumn, yellow leaves slip through the water. They talk about the imminent cooling and the forthcoming hibernation. And from all these wonderful transformations the heart stops. I want to admire these beautiful landscapes all the time. It’s just terrible to miss even one moment or image. In order not to forget all this magic, I often take pictures of nature.

On the outskirts of our city there is a small forest where you can find many berries and mushrooms. Every summer we all go to gather berries and enjoy fellowship with nature. We often find deer and moose. On the way there are nimble squirrels and sometimes run through shy hares. Although most of all I remember birds. They are always different, with unusual colors and funny voices. Recently I managed to closely consider the jay that was adorned on a nearby tree. And every time the forest presents me and my parents more and more surprises.

In every corner of my wonderful homeland you can find many unusual landscapes and funny animals. You can visit various attractions and museums, but there is something more important and attractive. Most of all I love my country for the friendliness of the locals. Belarusians are always ready to help each other. They willingly support each person easily and unselfishly. Because of this, our country is always peaceful and quiet. Overhead, singing birds, and a number of luxurious green spaces are located.

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My native land Belarus composition