Memoirs of a summer trip to my homeland

This summer, together with my parents, I went to places where we once lived, where I was born and spent my early childhood. It is a small town of Kurchatov, which is located not far from Kursk.

In Kurchatov there are a lot of our friends, so we went almost all the time to the guests. We lived not in a hotel, but with our former neighbors.

My hometown is a very interesting place. Kurchatov was built not long ago specifically for the personnel of the Kursk nuclear power plant, as well as for those who work in the city: in the service of everyday life, in transport, in shops, schools, in the municipal utilities. The town was built about thirty years ago, and its first inhabitants were not more than twenty-five years old, so while in the city there are almost no elderly people – on the street you will not meet people over fifty. This uniqueness of the town leaves its imprint on his whole life: in Kurchatov there are ten schools, several large discotheques for one hundred

thousand inhabitants, almost all are engaged in sports, almost every day in the city there are weddings.

Even outward appearance Kurchatov is strikingly different from most cities with so many people.

Firstly, on city streets you will not see personal cars – for them traffic is prohibited. On the street only cars with special passes: food and police cars, ambulances and buses. Air due to lack of cars is fresh and transparent.

Secondly, the town is surprisingly small in area, but very high: the lowest residential buildings are thirteen-storey, and several houses in nineteen floors! The city can be walked around for twenty minutes, which I gladly did on the first day after my arrival.

Thirdly, the streets and courtyards are very clean, well-groomed, many trees and flower beds. Residents often organize subbotniks, and no one evades!

I could have said many more interesting things about my town, but it seems to me that it is already clear that this is a pleasant and good city. It’s a pity only that there is a nuclear power station nearby, because of what after the Chernobyl events people slowly started to leave from here. Although recently, as our friends told us, many previously left people began to return.

A trip to my homeland has revived in me many bright memories from childhood. I was even a little sad, did not want to leave.

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Memoirs of a summer trip to my homeland