The house we live in

What is my home? This is the place where I spend my life. These are my native places, where I feel cozy and well. When I’m at home, my heart becomes warm, calm and confident. My appartement

I live in a three-room apartment on the first floor of a five-story building. This is my home, because I have been living here since my birth. Here I know every thing, every centimeter of an apartment became for me a native.

It was here that I experienced many of my joys and sorrows, here I become real, because here you can not hide your feelings and emotions.

In my apartment, I feel protected, because there are no strangers here, and relatives will always support and help. My country

My house is not only my apartment. I can name my homeland as my home. For me, my city has become a home for a long time, where I know every street. Here I spent all my childhood, there are a lot of favorite places, each of which carries some kind of memory. My country is very large, and it is also my home. In Russia, beautiful nature, which creates a unique atmosphere of my homeland.

I love every corner of my boundless country, because it was in it that I was born and grew up. It was here that I learned to love my homeland just like that, strongly and selflessly. Probably, the Russian mentality is to blame for this. My planet

Of course, my home is the planet Earth. Our small planet is very unique, and anyone in the world can call it home. No one knows if there is life somewhere else in the universe. It is possible that there is no, and our planet is the only one that gave the opportunity for life. I really love our planet, it is very different from all others with its beauty and natural diversity.

I really love my house!

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The house we live in