“My family is my wealth” composition

Here they are waiting for you always with love

And they are shown off with good.

Love and appreciate happiness!

It is born in the family.

What can be even more expensive

On this fabulous land?

After reading these lines, I thought that for a man more than anything else in the world?

Dad, mother, close people, home, health and our people close to us – all this is our family. A family is a place where you are loved the way you are, where you are happy.

Our life is closely connected with the history of our native land. The homeland begins with childhood, from the place where we were born and grew up, from the moment we started to remember ourselves.

The homeland of our family is a small village of Nizhny Arbash in the Kukmorsky district of the Republic of Tatarstan. My family tree begins with my grandfather’s house. My grandfather, Mudaris, having chosen the profession of a teacher, lived in his native village, worked

as a physical education teacher at the Nizhnyarbash school. Today he is on a well-deserved rest. For the merits of pedagogical activity, he was awarded letters of thanks and diplomas. The main merit of his work, he considers the attention of his former students who visit him or call on the phone and inquire about his health.

Before leaving for a well-deserved rest, the grandfather at the school organized a museum “History of the native land”. A lot of effort had to be invested by grandfather to create a good museum.

Now his son is continuing his business, my father. He teaches physical education lessons at the secondary school in the village of Verkhny Arbash.

Despite the fact that the grandfather on a well-deserved rest, he does not sit idly by. Helps us, grandchildren. There is no kindergarten in our village. Therefore, my grandparents and I brought up my brother and I. We had our own kindergarten. What classes are held in kindergartens, such classes were conducted for me. In four years I already read the primer (alifba). In the schedule we also had music classes, and drawing, modeling,

mathematics, Russian, and physical culture. Between these classes we cooked lunch together, cleaned the house.

It was my grandfather who managed to instill in me and my brother a love of sport. First my brother, then he taught me to go skiing, to play chess. Not a day passes by us, so that we do not play at least one game of chess. The prize-winning places I took at district and national competitions, I consider to be the achievements of my grandfather.

In our family, everyone does sports. My brother plays table tennis and chess, studies in the fourth year at the KNITU, takes part in competitions, takes prizes. Mom plays checkers and chess. Her grandfather also taught to play chess. In 2009, we participated in the district competition “Dad, Mom and I – Sports Family”, dedicated to the International Children’s Day, and took second place.

I consider my family a sports family. And she is also a teacher’s family. Because my father and mother – teachers, grandfather and grandmother, from my father, worked as teachers. Grandmother, on the mother’s side, also worked as a teacher. Great-grandmother, on the part of her mother, worked as a teacher in a kindergarten. There are about thirty teachers in my family tree.

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“My family is my wealth” composition