Composition on “Early Spring”

Early spring is a beautiful season, signaling the end of the harshest season – winter. The temperature in the street during the day rises above 0 degrees. The sun starts to heat more strongly, and so it would be desirable to stop in a silent corner where there is no wind, and to get warm in its warm beams. The snow begins to melt intensely, and large puddles appear on the streets, which can be difficult to bypass, but they are not able to spoil the spring mood.

All around start to enjoy this natural renewal. Birds cheerfully chirping outside the window, pets, especially cats, are lost in the streets for days on end. People want to spend more time not at home, but on the street, enjoying all the delights of early spring, they become more energetic, more cheerful, and more affable. I want to rejoice and have fun. Take off as much as possible of warm clothes, but you need to do this carefully, since there is a great danger of catching cold winds.

After the equinox –

on March 22, the days become noticeably longer. There is more time to stay outside and enjoy the spring. Early spring is the time for the return of birds from the warm edges. The distance of the flight of birds can be hundreds of kilometers. When you look at their packs, you want to become one of them and every year you fly with them from one warm edge to the other, and do not feel and do not see the cold season.

Early spring is the time of melting of ice and snow, rising temperatures, arrival of warm wind and pure spring smells. How nice to go out and feel it all. Early spring remains one of the most beloved seasons of many people.

Composition of nature in the spring

Nature in the spring is particularly beautiful. In the beginning of spring, the first flowers appear under the snow – snowdrops. After the melting of the snow, a young green-green grass begins to grow, followed by leaves on the trees. Winter monotony of bare crowns of trees begins to be replaced by the beauty of green leaves.

It’s wonderful to observe how the ground begins to turn green, then the trees, and one

of the first colors of spring begins to appear – dandelions, which later turn into “airy” dandelions, with which the children play, letting their “parachutes” downwind.

Many families look forward to the weekend to go out into the woods and enjoy the beauty of nature. In the forest, a person feels very different. If you go out into the open country, you can admire the sky. Nature in the spring is very changeable – the yellow sun is shining, birds are singing. When suddenly there are strong gusts from nowhere, there are gray cumulus clouds in the sky, wet snow or rain starts, and the sun shines. It turns out the combination of all natural phenomena. It looks very cool. When it rains and the sun shines, rain is called blind. After some time, it ceases, clouds are carried away and again the warm, bright sun shines. Such changeable weather, it happens, sometimes lasts a whole day.

Near the rivers nature in the spring is also attractive. A few days ago, when there were frosts, almost the entire river was covered with ice. A few days later, when the sun begins to heat intensively, large blocks of ice float along the river. The water level is increasing, and the rivers start to come out of their shores. All these are signs of spring.

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Composition on “Early Spring”