What is the homeland for me?

Motherland… I think everyone has their own. Everyone understands this word in his own way. For someone, this is the country in which he was born. For someone – the country in which he emigrated. For someone – your city, street, house… And someone, perhaps, did not decide where exactly his homeland.

For me, the Motherland is the country where I was born and live, where my relatives are close. I love her, although I understand that this is not Eldorado. This country has many shortcomings. However, like any other. You walk around Sumska with its chic shops and salons, past Freedom Square, past the Shevchenko Garden, past the Opera House and admire all this beauty. But you know that it’s worth turning right or left – and you’ll find yourself in old dirty patios, where many houses are not even suitable for living, and only the flowers on the windowsill indicate that there is still someone living there.

In this country it is not easy to live. And it’s silly to hide it. But I’m glad that I live here. There are a lot of good people in Ukraine. I have family and friends here. And here cherry blossoms in the spring. Blossom as, I think, no longer blossom anywhere.

Well, everyday inconveniences, well… Some day it will end. Ukraine had to endure so much – only the Holodomor of 1933 and the Great Patriotic War claimed millions of lives! A good life does not come overnight, does not fall like snow on your head. It comes gradually. So we will soon just live – a full life, not her expectation.

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What is the homeland for me?