Composition is my favorite poem

The greatest Russian poet in the history of Russian literature Alexander Pushkin is loved by readers from all over the world. His work is remarkable and interesting from many points of view, it addresses a lot of interesting problems and questions. Everyone loves Pushkin’s art and for something his own, choosing these or other works as his most beloved. Here much depends on the taste and preferences of each person, a single person can make his own choice.

I made the same choice for myself. As it seems to me, Pushkin’s creative work is bright in every respect, but his love lyrics have made the strongest impression on me. And even among the works of this genre, its own choice is very difficult to make, because many creations are simply magnificent and unique in their ideological content and artistic design. However, I need this choice, for this reason I choose the poem “I remember a wonderful moment”. It is assumed that in this work Alexander Pushkin describes

his love for Anna Kern.

What did you like this work for me? First of all, a touching and truly gentle description of love, which is so uncharacteristic and unusual for modern reality. The author’s love is completely unselfish and undemanding. His feelings exist on their own, they do not require an answer and do not impose any responsibility on the object of love. Pushkin quite sincerely describes the perfect ideal of the beauty of his love, embodied in the life of his beloved. Several periods of this love are shown, that is, you can see how it changed, evolved. In addition, you can find out how this feeling develops in different conditions, which is very interesting and important.

However, it is worth noting that love is not the only theme of this work. It also addresses a number of other problems: loneliness, creativity, the life philosophy of each person. Although, of course, all these look not so bright as the love lyrics in Pushkin’s description.

The poem by Alexander Pushkin and “I remember a wonderful moment” is my favorite. It was very difficult to make such a choice, but I am pleased that it was such a gentle, subtle and felt work that I liked more than others. It is worth noting that it is one of the most popular among all written by Pushkin. This serves as an additional confirmation that only the best of all becomes popular.

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Composition is my favorite poem