My favorite subject is mathematics

It is believed that mathematics is the queen of sciences. With these it is difficult to argue, especially if you understand how many other sciences, spheres of life it affects. Mathematics accompanies us everywhere: in everyday life, and at school, including physics, chemistry, geometry. On the basis of this knowledge, the most complicated calculations are carried out, which allow launching spacecraft or achieving new results in the creation of technical objects.

Our parents also face math daily at work and not only. For example, if you need to start a house repair, then without certain mathematical knowledge on the calculation of the number of wallpaper, paint, we just can not do. All calculations, calculations, proofs and theorems are based on mathematical formulas. This science develops logical thinking. We learn to think clearly, clearly, consistently. At once it is possible and not to remember, but even cooking can not do without this science. In any recipe we can read about the proportions, the ratio of one product to another, the number of spoons of ingredients that we will need.

I believe that our class is very lucky with the mathematics teacher. It is from the teacher that the pupils’ attitude to the subject largely depends. Our teacher tries to make the lessons interesting, unusual, diverse. For example, we are not limited to “dry” numbers and symbols.

Recently we had a creative task. Before, I could not imagine that studying this subject could be so exciting. We were given a choice: to create a crossword on a mathematical subject, or write an essay, using terms from geometry, or a task on a free topic. When we did this homework and started discussing the results in the lesson, my surprise was no limit, so unusual was the lesson. He liked all the guys very much.

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My favorite subject is mathematics