Monument to Alexander Pushkin in Moscow

Monument to Alexander Pushkin in Moscow

In Russian poetry there are a lot of poems in which the author himself assesses his creative heritage. Everyone knows the poem of Alexander Pushkin, in which the great poet had every reason to assert:

I erected a monument to myself not made by hands,
To him the folk path will not grow,
Ascending above it is the head of the rebellious
Alexandrian pillar.

Under the monument here, of course, means works that glorified the author; not by chance he wrote: “My soul will survive the ashes in the coveted lyre and escape will perish.” Looking to the future, Pushkin could not yet predict what would be the monument, which will capture his image in sculpture.

Sculptors worked hard to create a sculptural portrait of the genius of Russian poetry.

One of the best monuments to Alexander Pushkin is in the capital of our country, and the people’s path will never grow to him. “

In Moscow, on a wide square on a high pedestal, a wonderful bronze figure stands in full growth. Ask any Muscovite, and he will answer you unerringly that it is a monument to Alexander Sergeyevich Pushkin.

The monument was created by the sculptor AM Opekushin in 1880. All Russian newspapers of the time reported that the monument is being built on the money collected by the people. Muscovites decided to erect a monument in the center of the city on the boulevard. After all, the poet was born in Moscow, almost a third of his short life passed here.

The opening of the monument to Pushkin turned into a big celebration. This holiday was attended by IS Turgenev,

AI Ostrovsky, FM Dostoyevsky and other Russian writers, comrades in pen. They made speeches, devoting the most kind words to their beloved poet. Particularly noted was the outstanding role of Pushkin in the creation of the Russian literary language. Participants in the celebration recognized the poet as the ancestor of the progressive Russian literature of the XIX century.

Muscovites still like to visit the square on Pushkin Square, where this remarkable monument stands. On the granite of his pedestal are carved


“The rumor of me will pass through all Russia great.”

These words of the poet came true: his work is known to any Russian person. Pushkin’s poems are studied in school, his words are repeated in difficult and happy hours of life. Widely known, for example, are Pushkin’s winged words: “Love of all ages is submissive”; “The less a woman we love, the easier we like her,” “Dreams, dreams, where is your sweetness?”, “I remember a wonderful moment,” “The genius of pure beauty,” “Another last narration, and the chronicle is over mine.. . “

The monument to Pushkin, created by Opekushin, is one of the best in the capital. At the foot of the monument are always living flowers: Muscovites honor their beloved poet.

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Monument to Alexander Pushkin in Moscow