Composition is my favorite book

I read a lot of books. Especially I like works about adventures and magic, all sorts of sorcerers, fairies and magic things. And that’s why my favorite book is “The Wizard of the Emerald City”. It was written by Alexander Volkov. More precisely, I like the whole series of books about the adventures of Ellie’s girl in the Enchanted Land. This includes “Oorfene Deuce and his wooden soldiers”, “Seven Underground Kings”.

I like books about the Magic country for the fiction with which they are written. Even non-living objects come to life in them. The Tin Woodman goes and says, the wooden soldiers go to war. Even a scarecrow Scarecrow stuffed with straw turns out to be very clever and inventive.

Flying Monkeys obey the owner of the Golden Caps, and the queen of mice is on the sound of a magic whistle. In the finale of “The Wizard of the Emerald City” wonderful silver shoes take Ellie through the air back home, to Kansas.

The book is kind and cheerful. Good always wins in it. And evil sorcerers, such as Oorfene Deuce, Gingema and Bastind, are punished.

Sometimes I even want to get into this Magic country, because it seems to me to be real. Since there are no more evil sorceresses in her, there is nothing to be afraid of. And the inhabitants of the Magic country are very kind and funny little people.

I often reread the “Wizard of the Emerald City” and the continuation book again. My favorite book never bothers me. I even imagine in the form of a film about how Ellie and her friends are traveling around the Enchanted Land.

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Composition is my favorite book