Composition “Favorite movie”

My favorite movie is “Kate and Leo.” It is a touching story of how a young aristocrat of the early 20th century turns out to be the will of chance into the future, in our time and meets with the girl Kate. From the outset, the film captures and makes you look at the screen in a compassionate way with the adventures of heroes. How organically fit Leo in our time, with his aristocratic upbringing and manners. It’s just the ideal image of a prince that girls dream about at all times. Of course, at first it seems strange people who have to communicate with him, but on the development of the plot, he finds more and more friends. After all, it is not possible not to love and respect a person who knows how to be honest, does not recognize deception, knows how to be polite and at the same time knows how to stand up for himself and if it is necessary to protect his friends. This role was superbly played by a great actor Hugh Jackman. Not inferior to him by the credibility and

actress Meg Ryan, who created the image of Kate. She very accurately portrayed an ordinary girl living in a big city and used to the fact that sometimes you have to be able to show claws if you have to face rudeness and indifference. Such films as “Kate and Leo” are undoubtedly needed and always give us many wonderful minutes, teach us to appreciate love and friendship and teach us to believe that miracles happen not only in a fairy tale, but also in real life, and that the greatest miracle is love.

Nowadays, a string of endless films and serials is pouring from the movie screens. Movies are filmed for any audience for preschool kids and schoolchildren. Students and middle-aged people. And even our parents and grandparents can see something that will affect their heart.

I for myself settled on the genre of fantasy. Yes, you can say that these films are like fairy tales and lead us away from the realities of life. But I am ready to protest that they are kind and necessarily defeats good in them. Despite the abundance of evil characters, they always have very correct main characters who are fighting

evil. Fantasy are the same fairy tales, but for adult children.

My favorite movie is Stardust. Very nice and kind movie. The protagonist is a simple country guy from a poor family, he does not understand why travel beckons him. And when a beloved girl laughed at him and asked him to bring star dust as a gift, he went without thinking to the Wall for an extraordinary country for a meeting of danger. By the way, there he met real love, and understood. that used to love an evil and hypocritical girl.

On this film, you can see how the idea of ​​love is gradually changing, as new values ​​in life are emerging. As a person passes the test matures and his eyes open on previously not seen things.

Recently I remembered the 1977 film “Who will go to Truskavets?”. Young actors Alexander Kaidanovsky and Margarita Terekhova – this is a beautiful blowing sudden love.

The lyrical hero works in a scientific laboratory, and when he gets tired of work, he takes a sick man for a few days and rests. And then in one of the hospital he saw a girl, on the move determined that she was divorced, but at the same time ready for a new relationship. A man invites her to his home, and then she gives it to him: tells about him everything that thinks, and that corresponds to reality. That he is a “catcher” of impressions, and his apartment looks like a trap. And that she does not want to play such games.

He allows the girl to leave, and then overtakes, and is explained in love. she could not resist. And they have a romance. A novel length of a week, because a woman with her sick mother goes to a sanatorium, in Truskavets.

The young people have a touching farewell, and they part. Realizing that they are leaving forever. The man goes to the station, and leaves a bouquet of flowers in the compartment of the girl.

And then suddenly he realizes that this is his woman, and he can not lose it.

Urgently takes a vacation, buys a plane ticket. And will wait for the arrival of your beloved on the train already in Truskavets.

Such an essay will not be difficult to write, because every schoolboy has his favorite film, so he will analyze it in the composition and write about it in detail.

First you need to make an introduction and tell about who took this film, its name, in which he left and touched the actors who were involved in it.

But then go on to describe what exactly I liked and remembered this film, who from the characters of the film was close, for what he liked, what actions he did.

It can be a fairy tale, a war film, or a fantasy film.

After all, in any of them there is a story that requires description.

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Composition “Favorite movie”