“My favorite subject is chemistry” composition

Although, many like literature, history, physical education, but my favorite subject is chemistry. It is very difficult to describe in one sentence, since its possibilities are endless. Although the mathematician thinks that chemistry is related to mathematics, physics, algebra, geometry, history and many other sciences, directly or indirectly.

In the sphere of human activity, probably, there is not a single field that would not be related to chemistry. Chemistry has been accompanying man since time immemorial. Even primitive people knew that if berries mixed with water – would be much more delicious. Not much later, when volcanoes began to erupt, people began to use frozen magma for their own purposes. So, in fact, began to occur modern metals. And the bronze tips to the arrows, as it became clear later, proved to be much more effective than the bone ones.

Most of all, probably, is obliged to chemistry, such a science, necessary to mankind, as medicine. Even the

oldest doctors noticed that mixing different substances, you can achieve different results, and the person himself was called “the most complex chemical compound in which water dominates.”

Ancient tribes noticed such an interesting fact that if you sow different cultures and before that, plow the land together with the waste of life of birds and animals, then the harvest is greatly increased. So there were first prototypes of fertilizers.

Later it was noticed that if clay is burned in fire, and if sand is added to it, it does not creep. This was the first prototype of the brick. Actually, construction began from this action.

Multicolored clothing is also obliged to chemistry, since in the middle of the 19th century, aniline dyes were obtained by various chemical compounds.

Since the beginning of the 20th century, chemistry has made a huge leap in its development. With the advent of polymers, new clothes, shoes, furniture, dishes appeared.

Chemistry is also interesting because, in addition to the written reaction in the notebook, this reaction can be seen with your own eyes,

conducting an experiment. For example, if you throw a piece of metal (not noble) into a test tube with acid, you can see how it reacts, and at the same time, hydrogen is released.

In addition to all the positive aspects of this science, there are, unfortunately, also negative ones. Chemistry requires the utmost respect and attention. Human negligence on chemical plants and laboratories, often leads to large chemical leaks, which is very detrimental to nature and human health. Nevertheless, without this science it is impossible to imagine any branch of human activity.

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“My favorite subject is chemistry” composition