“My favorite word” composition

How great and powerful is the Russian language! How many words does it include! When a little man appears in the world, he has to “discover” the world around him, including the amazing wealth of words. We grow up, and our vocabulary is enriched with us. Have you noticed how pleasant it is to communicate with a person who owns the gift of speech, knows how to speak beautifully and correctly!

Words are different: good and evil, honest and deceitful, pure and abusive… I think that every person has his own favorite words. Those who warm his soul help at a difficult moment. I have such words. Why do I like them? It’s hard to explain…

My most favorite is the word “family”. I like it because it sounds like my mother’s sweet voice, like a quiet pleasant sound of a flute. The family is the closest and dearest to each of us people. Those who understand us. Everyone dreams of a strong loving family. About a simple family cosiness. I’m

sure that even those people who for some reason are deprived of a family think about it. Let somewhere deep in the soul, but they dream about it. Not only the family is sacred, but the very word itself. I believe that this word can not be anywhere, never, under any circumstances, used for insult. Remember: you also have a family for which you are ready to stand with a mountain…

And the word “mom”! What a warm, cozy word. What kindness is from

This word. I know why, because only my mother has a heart of gold that can do everything: love, and forgive, and teach the good, the right.

Mom is the first word that a person utters in his life. We remember our mother first when we are hurt or scared. The Sacred Word – Mom…

I also like the word “love”. If you write it with a capital letter, you get a beautiful Slavic name – Luba. If you use a small letter, then the word will turn into the most beautiful feeling of all existing on the planet Earth. Love brings joy or sadness, hope or doubt… It can be real, friendly, parental, deceptive, insidious.

How many songs, poems, stories and novels written about love! And how much more will be written.

Have you ever thought about what is behind the word? Why do we call things so familiar to us? How did the words come about? I increasingly reflect on these issues, I look in dictionaries, I appeal for help to teachers, relatives. I’m interested in the life of words in Russian. No wonder they say: “In every word – a wonderful treasure.” You just need to be able to find it, and this is sometimes so difficult.

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“My favorite word” composition