Favorite season – autumn

My favorite season is autumn. I do not know why, but I really like rainy weather, leaf fall, a sad cry of flying birds, the first frosts with their silvery dust on the branches and a thin glacier in the puddles – in short, everything that is understood by the word “autumn”.

Of course, autumn is not only beautiful and my favorite season, it’s also the beginning of school, and preparation for the winter, and harvesting in the suburban area. I’ve grown fond of all this for a long time and do not want to deprive myself of the pleasure of working as it should! Work enriches and enriches me with feelings, many children unfamiliar – a sense of satisfaction from their work, a feeling of pleasant, useful fatigue, joy of parental gratitude, who see what their son grows up. Who from my friends guys can boast of such feelings?!

And it goes without saying, autumn is the most beautiful time, the perfect time for the extinction of nature, its preparation for winter hibernation, the time of blossoming. It’s not for nothing that all the great poets and writers liked autumn, and many of them, for example Pushkin’s, autumn was the most fruitful time of the year. In one book I read about Pushkin’s Boldinsky Autumn, when he wrote several dozen major works.

Interesting time, this “sad” autumn!

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Favorite season – autumn