“Favorite season. Summer” composition

Of all seasons, I love summer most of all. The school year comes to an end, and with it the cold ends. There comes a wonderful warm weather and a long-awaited vacation. In the summer you do not need to think about lessons. You can enjoy the sunshine and enjoy every sunny day. You can safely go trekking or even make a trip. Summer amazes with violence of colors. Nature seemed to be dressed in the best of her outfits for the holiday. The forest is filled with many shades of green. The sky pleases with its clear bright blue dome, on which a bright summer sun shines with a golden disk.

Summer is a time of berries and amazing colors. This time you can devote to walks in beautiful places, for example in fields full of meadow flowers. Perfect even a mesmerizing spectacle will be a daisy glade. The sea of ​​white petals on a green carpet. And you can just sit on a green clearing and weave a golden dandelion wreath. When the heat of the day grows and the golden disk of the sun shines

too bright, then from the heat you can hide in the forest coolness. Here its own other beauty. There are so many greenery in the forest that even sunlight seems greenish. You can stroll along the paths that run off with a thin thread deep into the forest. Walking on them you can enjoy the sounds of the forest. The truth must be attentive and then you can get a reward from the forest – a mushroom. It can be a proud boar or a strong boletus.

Not only does the forest acquire a beautiful outfit in the summer. Rivers and lakes are sheltered by a scattering of diamonds that shimmer under the sun. Water in the reservoirs warms up, becoming warmer and warmer every day. You can watch the life in the water bubbling. You should sit quietly and carefully watch. Over the head will be buzzing dragonflies. And peering into the water column you can see how swiftly the fry swim. The shore of the lake is like a quiet pier. It is very pleasant to sit and see how the rays of the sun play with water droplets. And to dive into warm water on a hot day is very wonderful. The water is pleasantly cold. After bathing, you feel great.

You can dive with friends in the lake from the pier.

Of course, traveling in the summer is a pleasure. This is the best time to get acquainted with interesting and beautiful places of the country. There are a lot of such places. I want to see everything. Countless waterfalls and caves, passes and mountains. All I want to explore and take to memory.

When this wonderful heat season begins, my parents and I do not sit in the four walls of the house. Together with the family we go on our journey. We are leaving the city. The most interesting thing for me in our family trip is the mountains. I really love to reach the peaks. In the summer in the mountains is very beautiful. A beautiful mighty forest at the foot is always met with shade and coolness. The higher I climb, the more beautiful the view opens. The wind blows more and more, but it does not prevent me from enjoying the beauty of the rocks. Having climbed to the top you can see a stunningly beautiful picture. That very mighty forest at the foot, from above looks like a huge green sea. Rivers and lakes below seem to be precious stones. So they shine and shimmer in the sun. And those berries that have grown at such a height, differ in taste from those berries that I collected in the country or in the woods.

When a walk through the mountains comes to an end, you can build a fire. In the evening, the fire will not only light up the place, but also help to deter mosquitoes. Looking at the fire you can see how the moths fly up to him. The perfect end of such a busy day will be dinner in nature. You can fry sausages on the fire, and instead of the usual tea, brew the herbs collected in the mountains.

Summer is my favorite time. Every time I wait for him to approach with great impatience. Because with his arrival everything will bloom and nature will again be filled with warm fragrances. All around will blossom, decorate with bright colors, and again will breathe life and joy. Every day of summer brings with it many new joyful impressions. And every moment is filled with happiness. I want the holidays never to end. But this is impossible. Fortunately for three months I am accumulating so many joyful moments that the joy of them warms up all year round with my warmth.

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“Favorite season. Summer” composition