My favorite work of Pushkin

My favorite work of Pushkin

Pushkin is the best symbol that beautifies us before the world, giving us one of the main rights to the name of the great people.

Alexander Sergeevich Pushkin is a man who has rendered the greatest and incomparable services to our literature. His name to this day with reverence is pronounced by millions of people.

Being an artist primarily, the creator of harmony and beauty, Alexander Sergeevich is a poet of living Russian reality, a poet of the people, who opened Russia to us in its original, original principles.

Pushkin’s works have long become classic examples. Among these classic samples is my favorite work – the novel “Eugene Onegin”.

Brightly and distinctively, the author’s life is depicted in the novel. She is captured in such

a fullness and in such a variety and so really artistic, as it has not been depicted before by any writer yet. And pictures of nature from the Caucasus and the Crimea to a poor village, and the life of the landlords, and the rural life of Rus, and here the life of a higher, educated society-all this found vivid expression in the novel “Eugene Onegin.”

Work on the novel was started by the poet on May 9, 1823 in Chisinau. The last chapter was written by him in 1830 in Boldino. In the autumn days of 1931 Pushkin made changes to the last chapter and wrote Onegin’s letter to Tatiana. The first edition of the novel “Eugene Onegin” was published in 1833. The epigraph appeared at the publication of the first chapter (it was published in 1825), and initially treated it. Publishing the novel as a complete work in 1833, the author attributed the epigraph to the whole work.

Why do I love the novel “Eugene Onegin”? First, for the beauty. The beauty of the shape of the poet corresponds to the beauty of the images created by him. Pushkin was endowed with a special gift inherent in him to the extent that no other Russian poet, before or after him, was able to comprehend and portray the beauty of nature and the human spirit.

All the most diverse phenomena of life, in which Alexander Sergeevich

felt beauty, found responses in his receptive soul and in his creative imagination and were transformed into highly artistic images.

The poet’s ability to find and feel beauty where we do not usually notice it, is striking especially.

Secondly, I like the novel for the perfect Russian language. The “lively charm” of Pushkin’s poems has revealed to us the inexhaustible treasures of our native language. The extraordinary beauty of forms combined with simplicity, clarity and musicality is a characteristic feature of the poetry of the author, and she puts our poet on a par with the greatest world geniuses of verse art and the creators of the literary style.

Thirdly, for the scale, for the wealth of content, for the submission of artistic images.

Pushkin’s name for all of us became a symbol of the great creator and genius of Russian poetry, his works constitute the glory and pride of the Russian people.

Pushkin’s novel “Eugene Onegin” I especially appreciate for the fact that the poet, with his unsurpassed artistic instinct, managed to capture all aspects of Russian reality and bring it to us in a genius form.

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My favorite work of Pushkin