Composing your favorite TV show

Once I saw a new transmission with my dad. It’s called Galileo. It is led by Alexander Pushnoy. Since then, I regularly watch this TV show.

This program is very informative, it shows a lot of interesting things. The presenter clearly explains many natural phenomena. From each story I learn a lot of new things.

Most of all in the program I like the column “Experiments”, because Alexander Pushnoy shows the experiments and explains them.

The transfer was named in honor of the great scientist Galileo Galileo, who liked to put experiments and explain strange phenomena.

I would like to get acquainted with Alexander Pushkin, because he is an interesting and versatile person. He could tell me a lot of new things

In the last issue of the program, I liked the story about filigree. This is an ancient art of weaving from silver wire of various drawings and hand-made articles. For the execution of one figure, many months go by. The master who engages in this craft must have patience, perseverance and a good eye.

If I had not looked at this show, I would never have known what filigree is and that there are such masters who do extraordinary things in beauty.

The transmission of “Galileo” ends with words that I also really like: “The world is more interesting than you think.” That’s why I would like all my friends to look at it and learn our wonderful world in which we live.

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Composing your favorite TV show