Composition on “Favorite Music”

In the modern world it is difficult to imagine a person who does not have a favorite genre of music, a favorite song or an artist. Among the many musical directions, I sing rock. Often, when meeting a person, one of the main questions is music preferences, that is why you can already make some guesses about the nature of the interlocutor.

For me, music has no small importance in life, thanks to my favorite performers, I can get away from problems, remember good moments, be inspired and dream. In fact, I can call myself a music lover, as I listen to a lot of things, but I focus on rock. Many know the group The Beatles, it has become my discovery in the world of rock music, and in the further and the reason to go to music school. I started playing the guitar, following the idols, began to delve more into the world of music and its history.

I myself admire creative people, no matter what music you play, the main thing is that you are doing what you love and giving joy to others. Basically, I prefer the rock of those times when my parents were still small. Of course, there are more opportunities now, but this does not mean that the texts and music are full of quality. As it was said earlier, in addition to rock, I can listen to other styles, for me it’s only important-quality and meaning. Unfortunately, recently it is not often possible to find music that is ideal in all respects.

Often, current musicians are becoming popular, due to shocking and beautiful shows. But to me, as a person who has studied music history for a long time, this is not permissible. Therefore, I try to follow high-quality performers, as well as instill love for the music of people who surround me.

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Composition on “Favorite Music”