“Pushkin in my life” composition

“Pushkin in my life” composition

AS Pushkin in my life. The topic is simple and at the same time very complicated. What you can write about a man about which is written hundreds of times more than is all his creative heritage. The name of this outstanding poet accompanies every Russian person all his life. We can say with confidence that Pushkin is a universal poet, since in his work there are works for any age category of readers and listeners. These works accompany us from early childhood, make us think about the main human values, seek out our goal in life and seek to unravel the great secrets of the universe.

The creative work of AS Pushkin plays a very important role in my life. At first glance this sounds too lofty and somewhat strange. What does poetry, even though a brilliant poet, but who lived almost two

centuries ago, have to do with my own life at the dawn of the twenty-first century? But the first verses that I heard in my life were precisely the poems of Alexander Pushkin. I still have fresh and vivid memories of how my grandmother read to me his poems about Russian nature and, of course, his tales. It was thanks to the poetry of this brilliant poet that I began to learn the great and mighty Russian language, to learn its secrets and to master its riches. It was thanks to the poetic lines of Pushkin and I began to get acquainted with the world around me and the charm of Russian nature:

“Under the blue skies
Magnificent carpets,
Shining in the sun, the snow lies,
Transparent forest one blackens,
And the spruce grows green through the frost,
And the river under the ice shines.”

I think that in many ways it was thanks to Pushkin’s poems that I fell in love with my native country, my country. And personally for me this outstanding poet has become somewhat larger than the obligatory element of the school curriculum, and the word “great” can not express all my feelings for this ingenious person. His tales, poems and poems can be read for hours, they can be read a million times and at the same time each time you will find in them a new meaning for themselves,

and each time it will become more weighty and more curious, each time this meaning will increasingly differ from the previous one.
At the words “Pushkin in my life”, I immediately remember tales, the lines of which every Russian person remembers all his life. Fairy tales, which I very much loved in my childhood and whom I admired. These were magical stories, filled with an incredible amount of beauty and romanticism, hatred and love, anger and forgiveness, the struggle between good and evil.

Quite often we quote lines from the works of Alexander Pushkin, without even noticing it. We re-read his stories with pleasure and do it with great pleasure, despite the age. For me, these tales will always be kind and fun, exciting and exciting, open and enticing, but there will always be some mystery and mystery in them. So to write and so widely to use the possibilities of the Russian language was only a real genius, a man who has a natural gift and talent, a man chosen by God. AS Pushkin brought to our gray reality an incredible amount of joy and beauty, colorful and new. His works, his poetic joys, sorrows and other feelings, the Russian man has been brightening his life for more than 150 years.

But not only fairy tales, known to us since childhood, attracts me the work of Alexander Pushkin. His poems and poems conceal so deep a meaning that it is completely impossible to unravel, re-reading the works even hundreds of times. I do not doubt that this kind of mind is born every century. Not every century God gives mankind a man, rewarded with a muse, spiritual beauty and intelligence, but even if there is someone in this gift, not everyone can disclose it. But Pushkin did it to the fullest. And you can not love a person just like that, but he managed to make millions of people around the planet love himself and his work. He made me proud, respect, remember myself and my works.

Unfortunately, AS Pushkin passed away in the very prime of his life and his creativity. He did not have time to fully experience life, he did not manage to create the product of his life, but he managed to leave his mark in Russian history and literature, a trace in the hearts of many generations. Pushkin left a deep trace in my heart. And although he was not perfect, and how to be perfect at the beginning of his life, but he was a man from God, a man with an incredibly beautiful soul. Whatever they say about this brilliant poet of criticism, I consider him a man with a capital letter, which played a big role in my life.

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“Pushkin in my life” composition