Yesenin’s lyrics

The famous Russian poet Yesenin Sergey Alexandrovich showed himself in his work as a beautiful and refined lyric poet, capable of stirring up wonderful feelings in every reader’s soul.

His lyrics are wonderful, beautiful and extraordinarily sensible, everyone can recognize himself and his own feelings, emotions, experiences in the poems of the poet. Yesenin’s talent – the lyrics were manifested in his early works. Few people, and, frankly speaking, no one could describe the nature, fields and forests of Russia so.

Esenin, in addition to a unique poetic gift, had a great sense of love for the homeland, people around, nature. And thanks largely to this, Yesenin’s lyrics are so beautiful. And with what passion the poet wrote that the world, and all its inhabitants are one! Yesenin’s lyrics are full of images. The poet throughout his life believed that the main thing in the poems – it’s images. They should be beautiful and unusual.

Reading his lines, a warm, sincere and true feeling involuntarily rises to the outside world. His poetry makes us believe in the miracle, touch him. Therefore, Yesenin’s lyrics are immortal, that is why millions of people love and remember him, not only in Russia, but also abroad, around the world.

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Yesenin’s lyrics