Favorite book about the Great Patriotic War

My favorite book about the Great Patriotic War is Vasily Terkin. This “book about the fighter” I read just recently and immediately fell in love.

The main character of the poem Alexander Trifonovich Tvardovsky – a regular soldier, a soldier, which was a lot during the war. Maybe that’s why he fell in love with all the people, fell in love with millions?

I read the book very quickly – the verses are clear, easy. Reading such works is a pleasure. Although earlier I did not like poetry. Maybe I did not read those authors? Or is Tvardovsky really a people’s poet in the sense that we put into this word?

Vasily Terkin lived the same life, the same concerns as the entire trench people. It is felt in every line of the poem. He, like any soldier, thinks about home, loved ones, fallen comrades and his own fate:

The wind angers towards it,
Life, like a twig, wavers,
Every day and hour is threatening.
Who will board, who will hear – You
can not guess ahead.

I agree with one of the critics that the miracle of this book is that in the unassuming form of soldiers’ “tales,” the highest human feelings were embodied: indecent patriotism, ability to feat, compassion for another’s grief.

I immediately fell in love with this book and its main character and now I will never fall out of love!

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Favorite book about the Great Patriotic War