When there was a moral

From the lessons of world history it is known that sprouts of spirituality have been characteristic of man since ancient times. Archaeological finds indicate that for a long time people began to take care of each other. Despite the harsh living conditions, they cared for the sick and cared for the children, paid homage to the deceased and sought to alleviate the everyday life of the living. Such actions indicate the birth of morality. Scientists on the basis of archaeological findings came to the conclusion that the most ancient moral rules concerned work, eating, the relationship between adults and children, older and younger, men and women. Nevertheless, an unequivocal answer to the question “When did morality arise?” no, just as there is no answer to the question “When was the first artist born?” or “When did a person first feel ashamed?”

Some researchers hold the view that morality – as norms, rules, values ​​of exemplary behavior

– has always existed as an ideal, as the highest perfection. Indeed, people deprived of experience or blinded by evil may be far from morality. Therefore, the meaning of life is to discover the eternal values ​​of good, charity, justice, given to man by God. To prove this opinion, many examples of the embodiment of moral wisdom in the life of different peoples, in the life of the ascetics, prophets, saints, the Son of God Jesus Christ, whose purpose was to instruct people in the way of moral perfection, is cited.

In ethics, the formation of morality is associated with the development of society. Morality was born when people began to limit themselves, giving up their own interests for the sake of other people. Remembering the life of ancient human communities, you will be able to cite as examples many facts that indicate a different from the modern idea of ​​proper behavior. The deeper you dive into the past, the more clearly you will see the strengthening of the role of coercion external to the person. These are prohibitions on the implementation of some actions on pain of death or exile – taboo, and customs, and traditions, and ancient laws. As for morality, it was formed as a precept of behavior that a person formulates for everyone, taking responsibility for their actions.

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When there was a moral