The main thing is being human

Each society educates its citizens on certain moral norms. Our parents tried to meet the moral principles of the builder of communism. The state defends the democratic principles of the development of society. The encyclopedic dictionary explains the term “morality” as a system of views and perceptions, norms and assessments that regulate people’s behavior. The morale of Rome justified the gladiatorial battles, and the morality of the old Sparta was aimed at educating the soldiers. The cruelest regimes found justification for their actions in public morality. Today people of all countries are striving to create a humanistic society and rely on the principles of the morality of God. The Ten Commandments of Christ are also the moral principles of humanity.

When I think about the meaning of life, it is always radium because I exist, that there are people most dear to me who are allowed to admire the beauty of the world around me and discover this world for myself.

At the same time, there comes a feeling of great responsibility for this world and pride from the realization that you are a person.

But the very concept of “being a man” each puts its own significance. And, more than a measure, it is this value that affects actions and deeds, and sometimes, the course of life itself. In my understanding, being a man means cultivating high moral qualities.

Having traced the historical path of mankind, you understand that at the heart of every society there always lay a certain morality that guided people. The Ten Commandments of Christ – this is also morality, humane ethics. But in the world there were so many inhuman devices that this brings horror. But I am convinced that every person has his own morality. And it depends on it, which will be the person.

I think that a real person is a good friend, able to come to the rescue, free from distress and not to be jealous of the happiness of others. This is a good son or daughter, they can provide their parents with a quiet old age. A good person will create a good family and will serve as an example

for his children. And, of course, such bad habits, like alcohol and drug addiction, are not used with the notion of a good person. And I believe that being a person means being a good person. You can not take an example from those who are good only to their family, only to their friends, but neglects other people.

I respect sincere people, in whom both thoughts and actions cause respect. But in life it is the other way around: at work – an advanced production worker, and at home – a despot who terrorizes the whole family; in school – a diligent student, and at home – a slacker who does not wash the spoons with himself. And one more feature that I do not apologize to people is treason. This feature is disgusting in both large and small. The change is incompatible with the notion of “being a man”.

I always try to make sure that I do not have to be ashamed of my thoughts and actions. I will breathe the expression of AP Chekhov: “In a person, everyone should be beautiful: both face, and clothing, and soul, and thoughts…” I believe that every person, except for the great universal moral principles, has his own. They are in relation to the closest people, to the surrounding world, to learning. Trifles, at first glance, actions lay the foundation of a person’s character. In our time people are much easier to look at training. It is checked not for one generation: the one who did an immoral act at least once – will not be able to stay in the future. That’s how the moral of a liar is born, and sometimes, and a scoundrel.

Therefore, I believe that high principles do not need to be screamed, they need to be proven in practice. Only then will the moral principles of each of us become the moral principles of society when we are guided by positive intentions.

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The main thing is being human