The reign of Emperor Justinian. “Golden age”

The heyday of Byzantium fell during the reign of Emperor Justinian.

Justinian was an enlightened, intelligent, strong-willed and at the same time cruel, insidious, unlimited ambitious and power-hungry. He married the charming Theodore – a former circus actress. The best pair was not found! Theodora did not deny herself anything, she bathed in luxury, was cruel, inexorable and vindictive, a great master of weaving Intrigue at the court. Before it, not only nobles, but also foreign rulers, cared for it. Justinian, she twisted and twisted, as she wanted, rules with him. But at critical moments she showed more courage and endurance than the emperor himself.

Justinian managed to restore the empire to its former greatness. The Byzantines conquered a number of lands from the barbarians, streamlined the judicial system. The Roman code of law concluded by them – the “Code of Justinian” – has for centuries been the basis of the proceedings not only of

Byzantium, but also of Europe. The Emperor decisively planted Christianity. He built the temple of Hagia Sophia in Constantinople – the most majestic Orthodox church in the world, the “Temple of the Temples” – the architectural decoration of the capital. The borders of the empire were surrounded by a powerful defensive wall from fortresses.

A huge amount of money was spent on grandiose construction work and fabulous luxury of the imperial court. It is therefore not surprising that the population was suffering under the tax burden. The taxes and willfulness of officials, after all, overflowed the cup of people’s patience. In Constantinople, a terrible uprising of “Nika” broke out. The rebels turned the capital into ruins. Justinian did not renounce power and did not run away from the city only because Theodora reminded him of old wisdom: “The royal power is a beautiful shroud.” Ultimately, the government suppressed the insurrection with the help of mercenaries.

After Justinian’s death, the Byzantine Empire began to decline.

Soon she had to

face formidable enemies – Arabs and Persians. The Persians managed to stop, but it was more difficult to get along with the Arabs, who founded their state – the Arab Caliphate. The Arabs conquered Egypt, the Middle East and moved farther and farther west and east. Constantinople, they did not master only because the Byzantines used a terrible “Greek fire” against them.

Noses of Byzantine vessels were decorated with gilded images of a lion or other beast. From their mouths on the enemies jetts of “Greek fire” were thrown out, which plunged the barbarians into horror. The enemy was also thrown with vessels with snakes, scorpions and fetid substances.

Intrigue – hidden malicious actions, slander, intrigues, self-serving tricks.

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The reign of Emperor Justinian. “Golden age”