“Moral choice of man” composition

In the life of each person, sooner or later, there comes a time when it is necessary to make a certain choice. And here we are thinking – how to act, how best to do it? In the end, we make a decision that we think is right. But is the right choice always moral?

Each of us is sure that he is making an optimal decision that will allow us to come out of the most difficult situation with honor. For example, you are late for school. With all your might, you run on a fixed-route taxi and accidentally touch an elderly person. He falls, struggling to get up. And you continue to rush, throwing aside the words of apology, but not offering him a helping hand. On the one hand you can understand – you are late and this can lead to serious trouble in school and at home. But have you done the right thing? Of course not!

Having quickly adopted a decision that seems to us at that moment to be the only correct one, we can involuntarily cause harm to other people. An elderly person, whom you touched, will slowly rise. Or maybe not. You probably will not see this, because you will already leave. But it can happen that a person with a fall got a serious bruise or fracture. Few people know that in elderly people fractures sometimes do not grow together and they remain disabled or die. Do you think your action will be justified? Was it really important to avoid being late for the health or life of another person? No, it’s not important!

Therefore, always try to make decisions that will take into account not only your interests, but also the interests of people around you. Who knows, maybe tomorrow, another late arrives to meet you and you will be in the place of that elderly person who was hurt today.

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“Moral choice of man” composition