What is morality?

Morality and the corresponding moral standards are the basis of the civilization and humanity of any society. When morality and moral foundations collapse, society collapses and people degrade, which we can observe in our modern civilization, which is increasingly drowning in vices.

Morality is the following of certain Spiritual (moral) Principles: the principles of Honor, Conscience, Duty, Justice, Love and Compassion. Morality is the essence of the true Virtue of Man. Truly a Worthy Man is a man who can not be disregarded, with all his manifestations he causes respect, reverence, approval, love.

A moral person is one who realizes these spiritual principles in his life and they are embodied in him in the form of appropriate beliefs and personal qualities such as responsibility, honor, honesty, dignity, respect for others, benevolence, loyalty, etc.

If we rephrase, then morality can be defined as follows. Morality is the correspondence of ideas, beliefs, values,

deeds and all manifestations of a person to moral norms, universal values ​​(good, non-violence, honesty, respect, etc.), and ideally all spiritual laws.

It is Morality that is an indicator of the degree of spirituality of a Person and Society.

Morality and the morality that it produces (rules of behavior, etc.) was previously formed by Religion, the precepts (Spiritual Laws in religious interpretation), is now largely destroyed. Of course, it must be revived and formed purposefully.

The basis of morality is the distinction between Good and Evil, and the choice of the path of Good. On whether there is good and evil – read here. It is understanding that what is good, what is considered worthy, and what is bad, what is unworthy, shameful, unacceptable for Man and determines moral norms.

It is because of the lack in modern society of adequate ideas about Good and Evil, morality is in decline, people are struck by vices and ignorance, and society as a whole is rapidly decaying.

There is also a misconception that Morality is a set of restrictions that encroach on a person’s freedom,

restrain and block the manifestation of his personality. This is a huge stupidity! Morality gives the vector, path and conditions of upward movement, under which the Soul of a person can grow, develop with the greatest speed, be protected from vices, possible moral decay and degradation, be invulnerable to evil.

It was during the highest periods of the heyday of spirituality, when the moral standards were realized to the maximum extent in the society, in the education of cadres, citizens, in culture, education, in the traditions of society. Great empires and states reached their highest level of development, civilization, culture, to which even many modern states still have to go and go.

Therefore, knowledge about good and evil, about what makes a person worthy, strong, successful, and what makes him insignificant, fallen, stupid and helpless, are the most popular in society!

Ideally, the state should be engaged in the education of the Moral and Worthy Man. And you need to start this from childhood. From childhood it is necessary to form a worthy personality, a moral person, a citizen and a patriot, as was done at all times in the great empires and the Spiritual Knight Orders.

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What is morality?