When and why there was a moral

Ethics call the science of morality. In this word the meanings of two foreign words are combined – “ethics” and “morality”. In translation, they denote the same thing: the domain of knowledge, which examines the qualities inherent in the perfect person. The word “ethics” in this sense is known for more than twenty-three centuries! Nevertheless, today the terms “ethics” and “morality” differ, although they can also be used as synonyms. It is important for us to know that Morality is the norms and prescriptions of behavior in people’s relations with each other and in society, and Ethics is a science that studies morality.

It is clear that moral norms and rules existed long before the word “morality” arose and became commonly used. Yes, and written instructions on the behavior of people in different parts of the world. They were embodied in customs and traditions. Since ancient times, customs regulated

the life of the community: the distribution of food, the behavior of the leader, the rules of coexistence of people. Then the survival of man depended on observance of these rules. It is difficult to study ancient customs, because many of them are not preserved.

Over time, norms emerged in the collectives of people who evaluated the actions of a person from the standpoint of good and evil, justice and injustice, mercy and cruelty, etc. They are the moral norms. Moral experience of the people is embodied in his language, in particular in proverbs and sayings.

Could there be a shadow straight if the barrel is a curve? .
If you ate the soul of garlic, so it will be from her douche.
On the mirror there is nothing to blame, if the face is crooked.

Representations and norms on the basis of which the rules of behavior of people arose, are changing.

The most ancient code of laws, according to which our ancestors acted for several centuries – “Russian Truth” – preserves the norms of pre-Christian morality, such as blood feud, “an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth.” With the introduction of Christianity in our land in the customs and traditions of Ukrainians, Christian morality becomes dominant.

Custom is a generally accepted order, rules that have long existed in the life of the people, for example, the procedure for holding any holidays, celebrating events.

Tradition – customs, norms of behavior, which are passed down from generation to generation.

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When and why there was a moral