How do morality and law relate

You already know that the moral norms that work in human society regulate life, the actions of people, oblige them to act so as not to harm others, to be better, kinder and more attentive to each other. There are some among them who say “can not”: steal, tell lies, humiliate and offend other people. There are those that allow you to defend your honor and dignity, your will, security. There are also some who advise how to proceed. Everyone knows that it is impossible to violate these norms. But sometimes they are broken. There is a belief that an unclean person sits on one shoulder of the person, and on the other – an angel. Both prompt the person how to act. Which of them should I listen to? This is a personal choice of everyone. When making a decision or evaluating something, we always turn to the concepts of “good” and “evil.” Often life poses difficult questions for a person, it is simply impossible to answer them unequivocally. What awaits

a person who violates moral norms? Condemnation of others, close people. And if a bad deed is done in secret? Then only his own conscience can punish a person.

To harmonize the interests of individuals and the whole society and organize a joint decision of public affairs, legal norms were introduced.

Norms of law, in contrast to the norms of morality, are always adopted by the relevant state bodies. The rules of law are always specific and determine the rules of human behavior that are the same for all. If a person does not observe them, he can be brought to very serious responsibility, for example, criminal. True, the rules of law can not oblige a person to adhere to moral rules. Envy and anger, selfishness and greed are not violations in terms of law. These are moral concepts. On the other hand, the violation of the law is always a violation of the moral norm, it is immoral.

So, morality and law regulate people’s lives, but they do it differently. The norms of law are based on various compulsory measures on the part of the state that are carried out through courts, prisons, police, etc. Morals do not resort to the help of institutions or organizations, parliament or officials – it affects a person through public opinion, through our conscience.

Legal norms – general, necessary and mandatory for all rules of conduct of people, established and protected by the state.

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How do morality and law relate