Writing Tolerance

In every person there must be moral principles, without them a person is not a person. These principles include human morality, nobility, ambition, generosity, and, of course, a person should be tolerant.

What is tolerance? Tolerance is the tolerance of a person to something else, for example, to another nationality, faith, other behavior, other customs. If a person has a tolerance, then he is a noble person. This person has a high culture, he is humane. Tolerance is manifested when a person is ready to help anyone, whether he is a ragamuffin or a different skin color, or his faith is different from your faith. Also, tolerance is manifested when you see people’s shortcomings, but do not start loudly criticizing them, so that it does not lead to a scandal.

Tolerance manifests itself in respect for the people around you, for example, you see an elderly man who is standing at the shop door for a long time and can not open it. What will you do? There are two options, either you open the door to him, or push him to go himself. In the first case, you will show tolerance, and in the second – no. Even during the war, people showed tolerance for each other, many residents of cities and villages remained without a roof over their heads, but people of other nationalities shared their shelter with them.

Tolerance is needed to ensure that there is order in society, tolerance will not be violent. Thanks to tolerance on earth there will be peace, and if there is peace on earth, then there will be no war, then people will be happy. Every day before us there is a choice, to show tolerance in relation to other person or not. If at least each of us manifests more tolerance, then life will be better. Everything depends on our behavior, and it can be corrected only by the person himself, without the help of others, by changing his principles and values.

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Writing Tolerance