What are moral values?

To understand the essence of the ethical concept of moral values, remember what value you use the adjective valuable. “This book is valuable to me,” Andrei thanked his friend, who gave him the most up-to-date edition of the encyclopedia for children, because Andrei hoped to find in the book answers to many important questions for him. “This photo is very valuable for me.” Here the moment was sealed when I won sports for the first time in my life, “Tamara commented on the photo from the photo album. In these situations, what is important for each of the heroes is valuable. It is interesting that one and the same thing for different people may have different values, and for someone it may even be an unnecessary rubbish.

Nevertheless, we use the words “valuable”, “price”, “appreciate” not only in relation to things. Remember the folk proverb “You will save the price of your native country only on the side”? It is about the meaning of the homeland for each person, about the feeling of patriotism. The value, affirmed in the proverb, applies to all and has the character of a moral attitude.

Moral values ​​embody various manifestations of good. They include, in particular, good, love, friendship, freedom, justice, mercy, etc.

To comprehend each of these values ​​is an important step towards understanding the meaning of life: from what values ​​people orient themselves to, the answers to the questions “Why live?” and “How should I live?”.

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What are moral values?