The test for the ability to make moral choices

I always do that; I often do this; I sometimes do this; I never do that.

You do not let classmates write home assignments. Some of your friends brought drugs to school, you reported this to the class teacher. Once you go with friends from school and pass by an abandoned house with several broken windows. One of the friends suggests throwing pebbles into whole windows, but you do not support his offer and convince others not to. You got a bad mark and immediately told your parents about it. Every weekend you find time to help your mother in cleaning the apartment. After returning from school and resting a bit, you yourself sit down for homework. Even if you do not like the subject, you try to do all the homework. You want to be healthy and exercise daily or exercise. You turn off your TV or computer when you need to do homework.

If you scored from 10 to 20 points – you are morally stable. You are quite capable of making an “adult” moral choice.

If you counted from 20 to 30 points – you are prone to moral choice, but you do not always have enough for this will.

If your score is from 30 to 40 points, you need to train in moral choice, otherwise you risk growing up as an irresponsible unrealized person who is guided in life only by external circumstances or by his desires.

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The test for the ability to make moral choices