The problem of moral choice is the composition of ege

In his text, the author A. Vladimirov raises an important problem of responsibility for moral choice.

Questions about how the goals put forward by people are correlated with the means that are used to achieve them have worried mankind long ago. Now these issues are no less urgent. At present, the problem of morality and moral choice is acute for a modern man.

Each of us is in a situation where we have to make a choice. Before the choice turns out to be the hero of the text Nikolai Savushkin. Once they learned that they saw an antelope in their places, he took a gun and went to her search. His daughter is sick for a long time. It’s unbearable for the father to see “how… the child wanders around in endless labyrinths of pain.” “The worst thing – when she is silent, she just looks inside herself and is silent, because she knows: no one will help.” Help can medicine from the antelope antler. Exceeding the whole hollow, he found an antelope

and, already prepared to shoot, noticed beside her her cub and backed away.

A. Vladimirov makes the reader think about whether the goal justifies any means? This implies a noble goal – to save the life of his sick daughter. The author’s position is such that one child can not be killed for the happiness of another. The author puts first, not even the problem with which a person lives, but what choice he makes in the circumstances. It is very important for the writer to show that, no matter what problem a person brings fate, he must always remain a man devoted to himself and his moral foundations.

I am close to the position of the author. Choice and morality. What they mean for each of us. and how will we behave in a situation that leads us to an immoral crime? If a person goes to the goal by any means, he carries evil to others and destroys his soul.

In literary works, we also often see that the hero faces a choice. Moral choice is made by the heroine of the novel by M. A. Bulgakov “Master and Margarita”. Marguerite desperately tries to save the Master and goes for this

on a deal with the devil, agreeing to be the queen on the Great Ball of the Full Moon. When all the trials are over, and Woland asks her to name any of her wishes, she suddenly remembers the unfortunate Frida, who killed her child, and asks for it. Making this noble choice, Margarita refuses her happiness, because she does not know what she will be allowed to ask for herself.

In Richard Mattheson’s “Button, Button” story the author raises the question: “Could you take the life from a stranger to change your own?” Arthur and Norma are a young family that is experiencing financial difficulties. Suddenly, the spouses become happy owners of the box with the button. They are explained that if they click on the button, they will immediately receive one million dollars. One subtlety – at this moment somewhere a completely unfamiliar person will die. The norm reasoned: “Why can not I do what I pleases for myself and my well-being?” and pressed the button. But it’s just that nothing happens in this world, everything has to be paid for: for greed, for recklessness and inhumanity. The life of the son becomes threatened, and Norma perishes for the sake of his salvation.

The text of A. Vladimirova makes you think. We must make our choice in accordance with conscience, no matter how difficult it may be. In any case, no matter what choice we make, we should remember that for every act we will have to answer for ourselves and others, and on how this choice will depend not only our lives, but also the lives of those who are with us.

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The problem of moral choice is the composition of ege