The problem of moral choice

Using in the conversation the phrase “real man”, as a rule, both women and representatives of the stronger sex talk about the same type.

“Normal muzhiks,” as they call themselves, behave according to the ethical norms of society, value marriage and their family, love loved ones, live “right.” There is no clear definition of what should be a man who is an example of morality.

But usually these people have the following traits: a hard, tough character, wisdom, loyalty to their beloved people, physical strength, his willpower. ability to make decisions, responsibility and a worthy companion of life. Today we suggest that you talk about the moral freedom of choice, because every man should know how to do better and more correctly in different life situations.

Interest in this problem is due to the fact that the situation of moral choice sooner or later comes before every person. Moral choice is the choice of a person in favor of good

or evil, the choice of an ethical alternative. Even Aristotle said that he must differ from desires, be known and relevant to man, the choice must necessarily be conscious. We live in a free society, therefore freedom is the determining factor in the moral position of any person. What is it manifested in?

The concepts “good” or “bad” are abstract for each person, despite the generally accepted norms. But in any society, the morality of a person is viewed through his behavior, actions, attitude to one or other things, to the freedom of his choice. It is in these spheres that a person shows himself, manifesting himself as a creative and independent person.

In a difficult life or in any extreme situation, a person is able to manifest himself as he would have never entered another time. Or, conversely, his behavior will be as usual, and this will also be an indicator of his morality.

Also, a huge indicator of morality is the strength of the will of man, it is far from everyone. When we are fighting for the freedom of our choice, we often forget that it is better not to have the opportunity to acquire anything at all, for example, when drinking alcohol is dependent on vodka, spend all free money on it. in conjunction with their time, abilities and health. If a person has a strong freedom of will, which in fact is much more expensive and more important than many factors, then he is unlikely to face the problem of moral choice.

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The problem of moral choice