“Moral qualities of man” composition

The kingdom of peace, good and mutual understanding will come only in a society of highly moral people.

The concept of morality includes the rules of conduct, spiritual and spiritual qualities necessary for a person in society, as well as compliance with these rules.

The ability to live with other people is determined by morality, that is, norms of behavior, certain actions designed to express respect, goodwill and attention to a person. A moral person is able to express attention by external means, understandable to all. He cares about his appearance, neatness and cleanliness, he remembers that sloppiness, negligence and inattention to oneself is a form of showing disrespect to other people, neglecting their opinion; patiently listens to the speaker without interrupting and expressing interest in his words; will not allow humiliation of the dignity of a man with his words or actions; uses the generally accepted forms of applying for a service and will himself express gratitude for it.

The ability to live with other people, that is, to treat them kindly, is characterized by a tolerant attitude toward other tastes and opinions, sympathy for the person in his failure, support in a difficult situation for him.

Respect for a person is an attitude towards him as a supreme value, therefore politeness is a style of relationships, which is morally upheld by a morally educated person.

Rules of conduct, provided for by morality, give a person a model of generally accepted and socially justified behavior and thereby facilitate his communication with other people.

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“Moral qualities of man” composition