Moral values ​​of modern man

Throughout the history of human civilization, most people have been striving for good and creation, because they intuitively felt the correctness of this path in life. At the same time at all times there were tyrants and criminals who aspired to power, totalitarianism and wars, as a result of which it was possible to seize other people’s wealth and gain even more power. However, despite all obstacles, moral values ​​have always been perceived as the main factor in determining a person and his place in society.

Scientists and thinkers of the past have noticed that morality is an integral part of every person, because it is inherent in it from birth. The proof of this is the fact that there are no bad children. All children in terms of psychology and higher ethics are good, because they do not yet have an adult view of life and the desire for profit, wealth, power over other people. The child may behave badly, but this does not mean that he is bad. Every child needs to

be educated with moral values, since they should be the main guide for him in our troubled world.

The main feature of modernity is the absolutization of the concept of “freedom”. It is she who becomes the main criterion for choosing the path of development for man. Constitutional rights, enshrined in law, have become a major factor for many people in the commission of certain acts, and this, unfortunately, is not a very good indicator. If earlier moral values ​​clearly defined the concept of good and evil, today such differences are practically not made, because there is no more clear understanding of these values. Evil is a violation of a certain law and the commission of an unlawful act that violates the freedom of another person. If the law does not prohibit any action, it automatically becomes legal and correct. This is the most negative, especially for our children.

The main determining factor, which played a significant role for the development and improvement of the human soul and spiritual values, was religion. Today, it is reduced to a simple everyday ritual, which no longer carries

any spiritual significance. Despite the fact that people continue to baptize children, celebrate Easter and Christmas, they no longer invest spiritual meaning in these sacred festivals. This became commonplace, as a result of which moral values ​​for most of the people decreased significantly.

Freedom was the main factor in the development of modern man, who today in actions and actions is guided not by the concepts “morally or immorally,” but “legitimately or not legitimately”. All would be well if our laws were adopted by really honest and decent people, and also corresponded to the norms of morality and honor.

A good example may be moral values ​​in philosophy, since for thinkers and sages above all, justice, honesty and truth. Therefore, it would be useful for a modern person to plunge into the ancient wisdom and get acquainted, at least with the well-known sayings of the thinkers of the past. As for our children, it is extremely important for them to learn from us, adults, the principles of correct behavior and attitude to other people from an early age. Moral and moral values ​​play a major role in this business, since at the initial stage of development they help the child to refrain from wrong actions and actions, and subsequently give him a guide in choosing the right way of life. After all, honesty and decency in the end always win, because it is a cosmic law, which a person can not influence.

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Moral values ​​of modern man