“Lilac in the basket” composition

The famous Russian artist Petr Konchalovsky devoted a lot of his works to nature. He painted flowers in vases, still lifes with fruits, animals. One of his famous paintings depicts just an armful of lilacs in a wicker peasant basket. Someone generously snatched a branch of lilac in the street, brought them into the house and placed them near the wall – on a table or shelf. Precisely in a picture you will not make out.

There are a lot of similar paintings in Russian painting. When I opened the Internet page to see a copy of Konchalovsky’s work, I found pictures of hundreds of Russian still lifes depicting lilacs. Probably, I also got this theme of the composition in order to describe a typical phenomenon for our art.

In the painting “Lilacs in the basket” painted a little already adhered lilac. A little bit. It can be seen that it was cut recently, because the leaves had not yet lost the brightness of the greenery. And the flowers are still elastic and poured on the pale green wall background with their colors: purple, purple, gently pink, white, yellowish. And also – lilac. Bright bouquet contrasts with the dark background of the table. His shadow falls on the wall.

But the leaves of the bouquet are already slightly lowered. After all, the lilac fades very quickly, just as quickly as it blossoms in nature. It is unfortunate that fragrant lilac bouquets never stand in the house for long – they soon wilt. I do not want to think that a beautiful bouquet on picturesque work awaits the same fate.

Lilac in the picture is the breath of nature itself. A reminder of the spring awakening, the flowering of the gardens, the brightness of the colors of life. About the world that is outside the window. Open the doors and windows of cabinets, classes, apartments! Breathe in the spring freshness!

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“Lilac in the basket” composition