Painting by Konchalovsky “Peaches”

In front of me is a picture of the Russian artist P. P. Konchalovsky “Peaches”. At first glance it seems that there is nothing special in the picture – several fruits lie in the basket and on the table. But it is not so.

It is only necessary to take a closer look at the picture, then you can see how beautiful it is. On the table, on a light blue tablecloth we see four peaches. The fruits are small, but very ripe and juicy. This is evidenced by their color. The artist very accurately picked up colors and shades to convey the degree of ripeness of peaches. There are yellow colors, and red, and burgundy and even purple. Konchalovsky masterfully sketches every highlight, every crease. Looking at these fruits, you even begin to feel the delicate aroma of ripe peaches. In total, the picture shows seven fruits – four on the table and three in the basket. The basket is small, inside it is covered with large green leaves. Probably, this is done in order to preserve

the aroma of fruit longer. The picture shows that the basket is quite roomy, probably all seven peaches originally lay in it. The artist uses light brown, beige and white shades to represent the basket. We see that it is wicker and most likely was made by own hands.

Tablecloth on which there is a basket, blue. The artist does not accidentally choose this color. Against this backdrop, peaches look almost like real ones, and it seems that now you reach out, take one peach and feel its taste and aroma.

In the background, you see a small part of the window. Judging by the colors, it’s already evening outside, and probably peaches were going to the evening, when the heat was asleep.

PP Konchalovsky has many wonderful still lifes, which only confirm that this artist is a master of his craft. Painting “Peaches” I really liked, because it creates a summer mood, I want to go to the country house and also collect fruit in a wicker basket and admire such a still-life.

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Painting by Konchalovsky “Peaches”